How Much Does It Cost to Marry a Filipina? Avoid This Mistake!

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

How much does it cost to marry a Filipina? This is an interesting question with an even more interesting answer. Since most of us have evolved beyond buying other human beings, it’s safe to assume that you’re curious to know the cost of finding a Filipina to marry.

In this guide, I go over the costs of traveling to the Philippines to meet a Filipina, how to meet Filipinas before you arrive, explain the giant mistake you must avoid if you want to have a successful marriage, and other tips to follow.

I’m an American who spent over two years living in the Philippines, mostly in Manila, and during my time there, I dated Filipinas. I also traveled throughout the islands and saw firsthand how much different Filipinas in the rural areas are compared to the more westernized women living in Metro Manila.

By following my guide, you’ll avoid the many schemes and scams foreigners encounter when they attempt to meet a Filipina for marriage online or in person.

How much does it cost to marry a Filipina? A Detailed Guide for Foreigners

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The first step is to set aside time to focus on finding potential brides. This is the way to do it instead of blindly flying to the Philippines and hoping to meet a bride once you’re on the ground.

While this could work and later turn into a successful romance novel, it’s too big of a risk. You’re more likely to get bamboozled than to find a caring woman.

The Advantages of Meeting Filipinas Online Before Your Arrival

  • You give yourself ample time to meet women from all over the Philippines instead of wherever you decide to land. You may find that women in a particular city or town are more up your alley than Manila women.
  • There are a lot of sweet Filipinas searching for foreigners to marry online. If you look in the right place, women who are truly interested in marriage will go out of their way to arrange everything for you. Instead of planning the entire trip on your own, women will help you do it.
  • You give yourself more options and time to get to know potential brides before your arrival. You can video chat with them to make sure they’re real and form a bond before your arrival.

Those are just several of the advantages. If you find a sincere Filipina, you’ll save money on your travel expenses because she’ll know a lot more than you do: where to stay, eat, how to get around, etc.

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The Best Dating Site to Meet a Filipina Wife

The key to meet Filipinas online is to focus your efforts on one site. Don’t skimp on this part and try to use free dating sites that guys from all around the world are using to woo the same group of women.

beautiful filipina bride

The cost of a dating site membership will pay for itself – and more – when you realize the savings you experience by meeting women online who can also be your local guides.

Click Here for the best Filipino dating site that I’ve used extensively over the years with HIGH amounts of success. This site is perfect for foreign men who want to meet Filipina brides.

The women using the site aren’t looking for hookups or anything short-term. Plus, and this is the biggest advantage, there are no backpackers or broke losers using the site since it’s a membership site.

You only compete with those guys when you use Tinder, which leads me to my next point…

Tinder in Manila

I’ve been big on Tinder for many years now and have significantly cut back how much I use it over the past year. Tinder is not a dating app I recommend when searching for a Filipina bride.

Jaded Filipinas in Manila are getting hit on all day, every day by foreigners on Tinder. Tinder is better for having fun in Manila than finding a wife.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s better to have years of Tindering under your belt before you dive into Tinder Manila or Cebu.

The best way to learn and master Tinder in as little time as possible is by reading my book, Tinder Cheat Codes.

Total Cost so Far: ~$50 dating membership + $4.99 for Cheat Codes

Seriously, for about $55 you’re already on your way to marrying a Filipina. That’s how ridiculously cheap it is to meet potential brides online, and you don’t even need Cheat Codes if you skip Tinder.

Flight Cost and Accommodations

Depending on where you live, the most expensive part of the journey is the flight. I remember paying between $500 to $1000 for direct one-way flights between San Francisco and Manila.

The higher figure is the cost I once had to pay because I missed my flight. If you don’t screw up like me and book your flight 1 to 3 months ahead of time, you won’t pay more than around the lower figure.

Manila airport is a major hub, and it’s inexpensive to fly there compared to other more obscure cities in Southeast Asia.

Domestic Flight Costs

Once you’re in the Philippines, flights between the islands are super cheap. Cebu Pacific is the airline I usually fly. Be sure to arrive for your flight early because they have a strict cutoff time, and lines are usually long.

What I do its check in right when they open the line, then go enjoy a few brews before my flight. They even have affordable massage services inside Filipino airports.

If you have a decent income, you’ll be living like a king.

Hotel Costs in the Philippines

Hotels are very affordable outside of the more upscale sections of Manila, such as BGC. In reality, if I were you, I’d focus on Filipinas outside of Manila.

You’ll save money, get an authentic taste of Filipino culture, and meet women who are much less westernized. In fact, a lot of women in Manila are so deeply influenced by Western pop culture, particularly American, that it’s permanently changed them.

It’s not uncommon to meet Manila girls who are exactly like women in your home country. I’m assuming that one of the main reasons you’re seeking a Filipina bride is to avoid marrying in your home country.

Back to the point, I recommend Airbnb over if you plan to stay in a place for more than a few days. The one problem you may run into is limited options in Mindanao or cities outside of Cebu and Manila.

If you haven’t already signed up for Airbnb, click here to use my discount code to save money on your first booking.

This is where meeting women before you arrive comes back into play because they’ll be able to recommend accommodations.

Total Cost so Far: ~$55 + $500 flight + $20 – $40/night hotel or Airbnb

Daily Expenses

Once you’re on the ground in the Philippines, daily expenses drop significantly compared to what you pay in America or Western Europe. Food is cheaper, taxis are cheap, there are tons of convenience stores.

I recommend the Grab app for transportation instead of hailing taxis on the street. It’s safer, and it guarantees you don’t get ripped off by opportunistic drivers.

When you take a Filipina out to eat and on dates, the cost is significantly less than going out to a restaurant in America.

If you go to upscale restaurants in Manila, you won’t notice much of a price difference. You’ll also find that western food can be more expensive than at home.

This is yet another reason to avoid Manila when seeking a Filipina bride.

Daily Expenses: $10 – $50 depending on what you plan with your date

Total Cost

Add everything up, and you’re looking at about $1,500 to $2,000 with the cost of your flight there. Depending on where you plan to meet Filipinas in the Philippines, $2,000 is a high figure.

In most places, you can live quite well with that much money to spend every month. Once you get the hang of staying in the Philippines, your expenses will drop.

Wedding Costs

Marriage in the Philippines won’t cost near as much as in America. You may even choose to have a private wedding.

If you plan a family wedding ceremony in the Philippines, know that Filipino families are typically big. If your bride has a big family, your wedding tab could easily skyrocket.

I recommend talking with your potential bride well ahead of time about your ideal wedding scenario. If you’re not interested in a big family wedding, you should let her know that once the relationship starts getting serious.

There are women who won’t care about having a big wedding and others that will. In my experience, most Filipinas just want a man who will love them, be loyal, and take care of them.

If you play your cards right, you’ll avoid marrying a gold digger and get a true taste of the enchanting, feminine Pinay allure.

The Mistake You MUST Avoid

All of this sounds awesome, right? I bet you’re ready to continue your mission to find a Filipina bride now that you know the costs.

Well, here’s what you must avoid. If you plan to marry a Filipina and bring her back to your home country, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Women who want to marry foreigners for tickets out of the country have ulterior motives such as bleeding you dry to help their families once they settle into your country.

There’s an enormous difference between the U.S. citizen who marries a Filipina in the Philippines and stays in the Philippines and the guy who brings a Filipina bride home.

Not only will the western world sour her, but it’ll also sour your bank account.

Keep this in mind if you’re on a budget. If you don’t care about money and have enough to throw around, this may not apply to you.

The tricky part about staying in the Philippines is you’ll need a source of income, and local jobs are mostly out of the question. Retired men who are receiving a pension or men who can work remotely/online are the best candidates.

I met one guy who retired in the Philippines after marrying a woman from Bohol. He did it the right way. He was very happy and living a good life for dirt cheap.

The bottom line is to be careful. Don’t let the initial romance cloud your senses and lead to major regrets down the line.

Bottom Line

You don’t need a bank account overflowing with cash to meet a Filipina for marriage. The key is to do it the right way and be careful about who you choose to marry.

If you find a loyal Pinay bride, your costs of living will be super low. If you marry a gold digger and bring her back home to your country, expect many painful years in your future.

The key is to stay consistent and patient during your search for a bride.

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How much does it cost to marry a Filipina? $1200 – $2000 monthly until you get settled in with your girl. Once you’re settled in, living expenses plummet.

I recommend having at least $15 to $20k in your bank account before you arrive and a source of income that covers your living expenses.