Two Sexy Teen Virgin Tales from Medellin & Barranquilla

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

There is perhaps nothing more inestimable than a teen virgin.  I think most men can agree on that.  Currently, I have slept with eight virgins in total.  That number doesn’t include the number of girls I’ve had that were backdoor virgins.  Butt, that’s a different story.

My first sojourn in Medellin was fruitless on the women front.  My mind had been occupied by partying, laughter, and building new friendships.

A New Mindset In Medellin

My second go-around was a completely different story.  I rented my own apartment, friends were not around, and I focused only on dating.

As I have recommended before, I used Colombian Cupid to pipeline while I was in Cali before arriving in Medellin for the second time.

I met a girl online, a 19-yr-old blonde Paisa who was sugar-sweet and model hot in pictures.  We chatted for over a week before I arrived.  I built value in her eyes by using assorted techniques and my ramshackle charm.

Before arriving in Medellin, I did not know she was a teen virgin.

I took the bus from Cali to Medellin – a somewhat tricky trip.  In Medellin, I hailed a taxi to my new apartment.  The owner was kind enough to pick me up at the station and pay for the taxi.  We got there and the blonde Paisa immediately wanted to meet.

I met her for our first date.

My Date with a Blonde Paisa

When we met in person, she was not quite as cooking as in her photos – a common occurrence.  She was still smoky, but she looked otherworldly in her pictures.

Nonetheless, she was young, blonde, Colombian, and attractive.  We sat for dinner, and I played it cool, implementing zero kino and avoiding overuse of words while maintaining a relaxed position with my body.  I had already put in all the hard work before my arrival.

During dinner, she asked if she could see my apartment.  I said, “Sure, tranquila.”  In Spanish, tranquila means relax.  After dinner, we went straight to my place.

Back At My Place

We started going at it fairly quickly.  The moment was extra fiery on account of the original groundwork I had laid in Cali.  As we escalated, she stopped me to say, “This is my first time.”  The magic words every man wants to hear.

I became ravenous.  At first, she didn’t want to proceed, but we continued fooling around.  She was getting wet.  Eventually, she straddled me and asked if I had a condom.  Of course, I had a condom.

…but this was a virgin…

The Sex

I wanted to go bareback.  It turned out, she wanted the same.

It took me a while to work in my throbbing manhood.  She said she had only used a dildo before (I once slept with a white Dominican teen virgin that had never masturbated.  That experience was genuine grandeur).

A burgeoning feeling of glory blossomed once I broke through.  We sampled a few positions.  I did eventually sheath my manhood for the grand finale.

The Golden Brown Cheeks of a Goddess

The second virgin in Barranquilla was on an entirely different level.  She was golden brown, with a set of cheeks that defined why I love Latinas.  They popped out like the Colombian and Brazilian curves I had always dreamed of seeing in person.

Again, I met her through Colombian Cupid.  You can read my full Colombian Cupid review.

On our first date, we met at a mall that was far from my apartment.  I was willing to embark on a trek to meet her.

Was the Date a Stick Up?

When I arrived, I couldn’t find her.  For a moment, I feared that our meeting was a setup.

Luckily it wasn’t.

While she approached me, I had to hold my jaw up.  When she turned toward the mall with her back to me, my eyes widened to previously undiscovered dimensions.

We entered the mall to sit and chat.  Then we had breakfast.  She only wanted juice, which confirmed she wasn’t a gold digger.

After we ate, I invited her to my place.  She accepted.

We took a taxi, and during the ride, I had to use every bit of energy to contain myself.  Her cheeks were the nicest I’ve ever seen on a date.

The Beginnings

We arrived at my place and began fooling around.  I knew right off that I was willing to put in extra time with her.  I really admired her because she was not only physically attractive; she also possessed a charming personality and unique style.

On our second date, I discovered she was a virgin.  The news promptly spiked my libido. There is that mechanism in every man’s brain that reacts when he hears the word “virgin.”

We soon showered together, but nothing more.

Our third date was go-time.  She came over, and we turned on a movie in bed.

The Moment of Glory

She told me she was ready to have sex…

I wanted to give her pleasure she would never forget, and that’s exactly what I did.  We made sweet love for nearly an hour until she asked me to stop due to soreness.

She was my Latina dream come true.


  1. Sergie

    I enjoyed this article and the picture proof added authority.

    Keep going your site is growing well.


    • Glen Sickemore

      I appreciate your words Sergie! Thank you for the support!

  2. Veni Vidi Vici

    Curious is Medellin a good for middle age men? Or better suited for the younger guys? Other sites mentoned the night life sucks. Despite the claim of being Vanillia by some, Medellin as a city seems to tick most of the boxes.
    My biggest issue with Colombian Women is that they on average are not very intellectual unlike RUUKEE ( Russian, Ukraine, & Eastern Europe. ) or even Southern Part of South America. Planning one spending a month in Colombia or Ecuador around December.

    • 199Flags

      Age isn’t a big factor in Medellin. If anything being younger might hurt you. There is a lot of working girls in Medellin. The women are also more Westernized. Night life in Poblado is sometimes fun. Have a great trip!

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Thanks 199??’s Both Buenos Aires and especially Rio are the opposite more of a younger mans game but both have decent gringo infrastructures. If I have less time > 2 weeks. I might spend it Curaçao or Aruba and get my Scuba certification

        • 199Flags

          No worries man. I have yet to check out those places. Thanks for the advice!

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Thanks 199??’s Both Buenos Aires and especially Rio are the opposite more of a younger mans game but both have decent gringo infrastructures. If I have less time > 2 weeks. I might spend it Curaçao or Aruba and get my Scuba certification

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