I am dedicating this article to one of my favorite cities in Colombia, a little place called Medellin.  Medellin is famous for its gorgeous women known globally as Paisas.  Just writing the word “Paisas” makes me feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but they do nearly live up to their lofty reputation.

During my time in Colombia, a lot of men from a well-known online forum flocked in after reading a thread by a legendary member there.  Coincidentally, I arrived shortly after him and hadn’t read his thread until a few weeks after my arrival.

Meeting a Living Legend

To make a long story short, I had the pleasure of meeting him.  He is an awesome guy.  His thread single-handedly led a flood of members from all over the world to Colombia.  His thread had a view count well into the six-figure mark last time I checked.

In all my travels, I have never seen guys from other countries as pumped about women as they were about Paisas.

Here is a video of some top-tier Colombiana Modelas.  These women are not easy to pick up, but the video gives you an idea of what they can look like.

I will admit, some Paisas are stunners, but the drawback is they know it, and they can be spoiled.

Their poor attitudes sometimes reminded me of why I had left America.

Arriving in Medellin

Medellin was my first stop in Colombia.  My first two dates were unremarkable.

After philandering in the DR and Philippines, the Paisas stultified me (this was my first go-around).

This is where the overrated aspect of Medellin comes into play.

Men come from all over the world for the girls, and a lot of them ultimately are let down or cave to pay the pros.

The top-tier women are moneygrubbers.  They are flaky and shameless about it.

My Whatsapp Disaster

Before arriving in Medellin, I pipelined some girls and had formed a solid group of leads, so I thought.

A couple of weeks before my arrival, I made the mistake of sending a Whatsapp group message instead of a broadcast message.

The mistake burnt almost all my leads!  At least, it’s a funny story now.

One of the bad dates I had was with a girl who nevertheless met me even after the disaster – oops.

city report Medellin dating scene

The Pros of Living in Medellin

Now to shed some light on the brighter side of Medellin.

  • The weather is phenomenal.  It’s called “The city of eternal Spring.”
  • Taxis are cheap.
  • Cost of living is super cheap.
  • Food is great – exotic fruits, meat, and all-around great food.
  • It is a healthy place to live.  The culture is fit, and the beauty of the women will inspire a man to get in shape.
  • Partying is fun with a vibrant nightlife.
  • Easy to score with women from other countries in hostels
  • The neighborhoods are diverse.
  • Top-tier Colombian women are achievable with conscientiousness.
  • Foreigner value is reasonably high which helps get over the hump that sometimes blocks conversion into real dates.  I went on dates that did and didn’t end up converting with a few Paisas.  One smokey blonde slipped through my fingers after achieving a kiss only on our first date – wins and losses.

Shenanigans in Medellin

In total, I spent a month and a half in Medellin, split between two visits.  The first visit was meant for meeting women but soon became a debauched Colombian fiesta.

I made a lot of friends from around the world and experienced a bevy of legendary moments.

I creeped out an entire Venezuelan family after pulling an all-nighter and having to open the front door for them to go to the airport.

As I ascended the staircase, I overheard the grandmother ask, “Did you see his jaw?”

That was only one of many highlights, along with the Matt Damon doppelgänger or the Korean guy that left the next day with his Korean girlfriend after I told him that I want a Korean wife.

After a couple of weeks of shenanigans, it was time to get back in the game…so…

I went to Bogotá, which is where the floodgates really opened for me.

Medellin Neighborhoods, Food, Clubs & Beer

My second go-around in Medellin was electric.  I rented an apartment in Laureles near the 70 and the soccer stadium.

Laureles is a neighborhood in Medellin – fewer foreigners there than El Poblado and more chill.

El Poblado is packed with gringos and assorted foreigners.  This is precisely why I chose not to live there.  I never had much luck with girls in El Poblado (could have been from the partying), but it is a great spot to boogie.

There is a discoteca named Salon Amador with quality electronic music.

The park in El Poblado named Parque Lleras is a hit or miss spot.  It is constantly full of travelers.  I like it when I am partying and feeling talkative.  It is definitely a must-see spot.

parque lleras nightlife

Parque Lleras source destinosdeamerica.com

Grab a couple Pilsens (the local beer), some Aguardiente (the domestic liquor that grew on me), local Colombian product (I wouldn’t recommend getting it in Parque Lleras) and let the good times roll.

Ask people in the park where they are going to figure out which clubs are worthwhile that night.

This goes back to the underrated parts of Medellin.  This place is a fun spot to blast off.

For me, Colombia differed from the Dominican Republic and the Philippines because of how great of a place it is to live long-term.

Here is a quick rundown of food and beer:

  • Bandeja Paisa is a large dish full of assorted meats.
  • Street food is safe here and dirt cheap.
  • Chicken and Steak chuzos – chicken on a stick with other additions depending on the place
  • Exotic fruits are marvelous here: grenadillas, guanabana, lulo, tomate de arbol, mora.  Almost too many to list.  I suggest sampling as many local fruits as humanly possible.  Grenadilla instantly became one of my favorite fruits.  The juice of lulo and guanabana were my favorites.
  • Almuerzo, aka lunch, is very popular, and you can get large meals all over the city for under $3 during lunch hours.
  • Chilean Avocados are heady – the small black ones.  The good ones taste like melting butter in your mouth with a mildly nutty flavor.  Avoid the large green avocados, too much water in the meat.  Never buy avocados in major supermarkets.
  • Pilsen is the local beer.  The large one is under $1, and I love it.
  • Aguardiente sin azucar (picture in the link is my favorite brand) is a Colombian liquor.  It tastes like Sambuca, but I like it a lot more.  It grew on me.  It’s tasty to squirt lime juice straight into the shots.  Had some really good times drinking this stuff.
  • Marlboro Reds are dirt cheap.  Around $1 or so a pack.

aguardiente medellin city report

That gives you an idea of the neighborhoods and food, now back to when I did start finding success with Paisas.  In one of my posts, I mentioned the blonde, Paisa virgin.  You can read that post here.

Scoring with Paisas

She was the first girl I met after returning to Medellin.  Our passion quickly fizzled out after she realized I wasn’t rich or a sugar daddy.

Still curious how easily she gave up her virginity – right place, right time.

After her, I went on a nice run and scored my first black Paisa, a curvy cinnamon Paisa, a pale latina Paisa, and a second black Paisa.

My success blossomed, and I maintained them for repeat performances.  They were some of the hottest women I met in Colombia and in my life.

How to Meet and Date Paisas in Medellin

The following tidbit is the key to dating women in Medellin.

I will break down how I had my success in a quick summary:

  1. Sign up for Colombian Cupid to make leads.
  2. Find a place to rent close to the railway station.
  3. Find girls just outside Medellin in Bello or surrounding cities with access to the railway station.
  4. Meet dates at the railway station closest to your place.
  5. Lead date to where you want.  If you are looking to score, here’s my post about leading girls back to your place.

Once you complete those steps, you will have much higher success in Medellin, and it will go from overrated to underrated.

The essence of this report is to give people an idea of how to use foreigner value to pick up Paisas.

The purpose of this report is to show how a simple tweak to my approach in Medellin led to success.  The same tenet can be applied throughout life, especially in the money game.

Nothing is more important to me than constantly optimizing whatever I’m putting my energy into.  Tweak it until it works (rooted in my organic gardening experience).

Wrapping up

Anyone who’s going to Medellin, bon voyage!

I love it there, and I am sure most others will feel the same.