There’s almost nothing worse than saying to yourself, “My girlfriend has bad breath.”  Whether you are dating a girl for the long run or on a date trying to score, bad breath is the absolute worst!

Even if your date or girlfriend is Kate Upton hot, a case of bad breath can destroy everything!

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to take action either abruptly or subtlety, and I can help show you the way.

The reason this post means so much to me is that nothing is better than kissing a girl who has good, delicious breath.

The Virgin with Bad Breath

Recently, during my time in SEA, I took a girl’s virginity who had bad breath.

Seeing her again always came up, but once I remembered the bad breath, the idea became null and void.

Eventually, I said something to her about it, and her first reaction was, “Oh, no!”

She said, “I should have listened to my friend when she told me not to eat that.”

She ate some kind of stank Asian dish that ruined her chances of seeing me again.

In the end, it was a better idea to speak up sooner.  She wasn’t suffering from halitosis; it was just gnarly food breath.

It probably had fish sauce in it, that stuff makes me gag.  I always make sure no fish sauce is going into any food I eat in SEA.

The thing is, if your girlfriend or date has bad breath, you need to do something about it.

The last thing you want to deal with is catching whiffs all night.

I’ve lost my hard on from trying to deal with a case of bad breath while having sex.

The following are a few ways you can subtlety address the issue:

  • Say you want to brush your teeth before you do anything with her, and hopefully, she follows your lead.
  • Offer her some hot tea with fresh ginger in it.
  • Start chewing a piece of gum or mints and offer her some.  The problem with this method is it only masks the stench.

The following are a few ways to abruptly address the issue:

  • Straight up tell her the truth about it.  One thing I always make sure to have on hand is an extra toothbrush.
  • Make a joke about it, if you know how to do it without hurting her feelings.  You need to make sure to do it at the right moment.
  • Tell her you’re not going to kiss until she does something about her breath.


my girlfriend has bad breath

The Dreaded Halitosis

If your girlfriend has halitosis, this is a bigger problem.

Halitosis is an internal problem that leads to more than just bad breath.  She may have:

  • A bad general stench
  • A stinky pussy to match her breath
  • Atrocious gutter breath
  • Atomic morning breath

If you’re dealing with halitosis, you’re fighting a much BIGGER problem than just general bad breath.

A stick of gum ain’t gonna do sh*t in this case.

She needs to work on the problem from the inside out starting with a quality probiotic.

Oral probiotics work well for bad breath and can begin the healing process.

These are the types of girls who usually have bad breath:

  • Skinny girls who don’t eat enough
  • Party animals
  • Smokers
  • Girls with braces
  • Girls who eat a lot of sugar or have poor diets in general
  • Coffee drinkers
  • Girls who do drugs
  • Girls who eat too much dairy

You can use these types to screen girls before ever meeting them.

Sometimes all it takes is one look at a girl to know she has bad breath.

Unfortunately, most people have bad breath to some degree.

Also, hot girls are usually the ones with bad breath.

It’s a rarity to find a girl with good, delicious breath, but every time I do; I make sure to enjoy it.

Good Breath is Essential

I plan to write another post about what I do to keep my breath and dental health super fresh.

There is one key natural remedy for bad breath that only costs pennies.

For me, dental hygiene is one of the most important factors in life particularly when dating/gaming.

This kid actually knows what he’s talking about.  He also references how bad breath is a problem in the Dominican Republic.