Lipogaine Review 2024 • Is It Really Worth the Money?

Last Updated Feb 15, 2024

Does Lipogaine shampoo work? Are men with receding hairlines and women with thinning hair finding relief? These are the two questions I answer in my comprehensive Lipogaine review. Lipogaine makes two popular shampoos known as the “Big 3” and “Big 5.”

The former is Lipogaine’s classic formula, and the latter is the new formula that’s loaded with goodness. The main difference between Lipogaine and synthetic Minoxidil hair growth products is Lipogaine shampoos contain all-natural ingredients.

Below is a list of key items I cover in my review:

  • Lipogaine Big 5 Ingredients
  • User Results and Reviews
  • My Review
  • Potential Side Effects
My Score: 8.5/10 Lipogaine Ingredients
Lipogaine Hair Rejuvenating Big 5 Shampoo
  • Caffeine – Highly effective active ingredient for fighting hair loss
  • Ylang Ylang, Indian Gooseberry, Nettles Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Green Tea, Biotin
  • Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Black Castor Oil, Black Seed Oil, Sage Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil, Argan Oil, Tea Tree
  • Beta-Sitosterol, He Shou Wu, Hibiscus Extract, Niacin, Vitamin E, Soy Isoflavone (Non-GMO)
  • No SLS, Color Safe, Paraben-Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty-Free

How does Lipogaine help men and women stop hair loss?

In my opinion, Lipogaine is the most complete shampoo on the market for hair loss. It contains ingredients that prevent the harmful effects of increased DHT in the scalp. Caffeine, saw palmetto extract, nettles extract, and Beta-Sitosterol work synergistically to prevent DHT-related hair loss.

Lipogaine also didn’t skimp when it came time to choose the premium oils that go into its product. Castor oil is my personal favorite hair oil. I’ve been using it for over 5 years with great success. Outside of the caffeine, it’s my favorite ingredient in Big 5 Shampoo.

Androgenic Alopecia and DHT

male hair loss

Both men and women can suffer from Androgenic alopecia. Men experience the effects of Androgenic alopecia aka “male pattern baldness” as early as their 20s while women typically don’t experience thinning until their 40s. Unlike men, women shed the most at the crown rather than the hairline (*).

Research shows that the number of DHT receptors is higher in a balding scalp (*). For a lot of people, the solution for their hair loss is to stop the increase of DHT in the scalp.

Popular pharmaceutical DHT-blockers such as Finasteride work to reduce the damaging effect of increased DHT in the scalp.

Lipogaine shampoos are an effective natural alternative to pharmaceutical DHT blockers.

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Thicker Stronger Hair

Lipogaine’s ingredients also work to nourish existing hair for a thicker, fuller appearance. The unique blend helps to eliminate hair breakage and nourish hair follicles to reduce hair fall.

Lipogaine also skipped the harsh chemicals that most conventional shampoo brands contain.

Overall, Big 5 Shampoo offers an impressive list of ingredients, but does it work? The best way to find out is to see what current users have to say about their experience with this shampoo.

Lipogaine Reviews and Results

I investigated user reviews to identify the pros and cons of this shampoo. Here’s what I concluded:

  • If you have oily hair like me, you may find that you can’t go more than one day without washing. In other words, you may need to wash every day to prevent oily hair.
  • Since Big 5 contains 17 active ingredients, there’s a larger chance of experiencing an allergic reaction. If your scalp is sensitive to the ingredients, you may experience itchiness or redness.
  • Several users criticized this brand for increasing hair fall.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that Lipogaine won’t work for everyone. Depending on the cause of your hair loss, you may or may not experience the advertised benefits.
  • I found that Lipogaine did not honor its 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, according to one user.
  • If you suffer from dandruff, the anti-dandruff ingredients (e.g. tea tree, castor oil, rosemary oil) may not be powerful enough for you.
  • Big 5 may not lather well enough for your taste.
  • There are undoubtedly people experiencing real Lipogaine results. Several users posted impressive photos of their results.
  • Women with birth control-related and menopausal hair loss are experiencing less hair fall and thicker, fuller hair with Big 5 Shampoo.
  • Men who are 50+ may notice that their hair is less prone to breakage after starting with Big 5 Shampoo.
  • Most people enjoy the mildly minty fragrance.
  • You may find that Big 5 boosts hair shine and luster.
  • Men and women with long hair find that their hair is softer and easier to manage after shampooing.
  • Men with receding hairlines have been able to stop their hairlines from receding further.
  • People with acne-prone skin are experiencing no breakouts with Big 5.
  • Users with chronic dandruff are eliminating it with Lipogaine.
  • I found more than a handful of reports praising Big 5 for decreasing hair fall while showering. Users went from handfuls of hair fall to a normal amount after about a month of continuous use.

Overall, the Lipogane Big 5 reviews are mostly glowing with a few negative reviews sprinkled in here and there. Whenever I review a product, I check for fake reviews that can skew results.

Mostly all of the Lipogaine reviews appear authentic to me. Several of the negative reviews appeared questionable, which is the opposite of what I usually notice.

My Lipogaine Review

Considering the effectiveness of Lipogaine and the number of top-notch ingredients, I feel the price is more than fair for this shampoo.

The inclusion of caffeine helped Big 5 make my list of best caffeine shampoos. I started using caffeine shampoo several years ago, and it works quite well to keep my hairline in check. My hair is also more voluminous and softer.

As I mentioned already, castor oil is my #1 oil for hair. I started using castor oil before caffeine shampoo, and I believe it’s one of the main reasons I’ve been able to essentially find the Fountain of Youth for my hair (although I have yet to figure out how to stop the greying). Lipogaine is one of the only shampoos I’ve seen that contains castor oil.

My Dislikes

  • One qualm I have with this shampoo is the number of oils. My hair tends to get oily fast, and I need to wash it every day. If you have naturally greasy or oily hair, you may find that the number of oils in Big 5 is too much.
  • The overall number of ingredients is great, yet it may be too many for some people. Depending on how your scalp reacts, you may or may not experience irritation. Also, more ingredients typically equal less of each ingredient.
  • I’m unsure how much caffeine is in Lipogaine. Is it enough to experience the therapeutic effect? If caffeine shampoo interests you, I recommend reading my Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo Review for a more reliable caffeine shampoo brand with research to back up its effectiveness.
  • Most of the negative reviews say that Lipogaine caused more shedding. In my opinion, this con is worth considering before you buy it.
  • Lipogaine left Ketoconazole out of the new Big 5 shampoo. Ketoconazole is the key ingredient in the effective anti-dandruff shampoo, Nizoral – one of my favorites. There’s evidence showing that Ketoconazole has a similar effect on Androgenic alopecia as Minoxidil (*).

Lipogaine vs Minoxidil

Before I wrap up my review, I want to share my thoughts on Lipogaine vs Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the active ingredient in popular hair regrowth products such as Rogaine and Kirkland Signature Minoxidil.

From my findings, Lipogaine will not help you regrow hair as effectively as Minoxidil products. Most men find that Lipogaine stops a receding hairline from retreating further, but it does not help to grow back a significant amount of lost hair at the hairline and crown.

If you’re expecting Lipogaine to give you the same results as Minoxidil, there’s a strong chance you’ll be let down by the results. For maximum hair regrowth, it’s best to combine Lipogaine with an effective Minoxidil hair product.

My Final Score: 8.5/10

The Lipogaine user results and photos are awesome. A vast majority of people are reporting a positive experience. However, despite the impressive results, be mindful that Lipogaine is just shampoo and not a miracle in a bottle.

The greatest advantage of Lipogaine is it combines a load of effective natural ingredients that boost hair health for a fraction of the cost of buying each product separately. If you’re someone who prefers the natural approach to haircare, then Lipogaine Big 3 and Big 5 are certainly worth a look.

You may also want to consider Lipogaine conditioner for added hair loss prevention.

Side Effects

Below is a list of reported Lipogaine side effects I found reported by users:

  • Increased Hair Fall
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Thinner Hair
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Flaking
Note: Only a very small portion of users reported side effects.

Bottom Line

This stuff works. There are more than enough positive Lipogaine reviews posted by both men and women to know for sure that Lipogaine is a great anti-hair loss shampoo.

Will it work for everyone? No.

The good news is Lipogaine offers a satisfaction guarantee. Whether they’ll honor that guarantee may be somewhat of a dice roll.