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Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Did you know there’s a wall blocking the conversion of your sexual energy into raw willpower? Sexual transmutation is the act of tearing down that wall and turning your sexual energy into the power needed to create and realize your goals.

Once I discovered how to remove this blockage, my life changed in an instant. A light bulb went off in my head, and I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this before.

At the end of 2018, for four months straight, I stopped working and devoted my time to women. It was my last hurrah of sorts that was one heck of a hurrah.

Toward the end, the sex became frivolous, and my mind became aware of it. Soon, my motivation to work returned.

Work and sex don’t mix and neither does work and masturbation.

It Started with Nofap

When I first started working again, I did nofap and refrained from sex for about a month.

I got a lot of work done, but I still thought about sex and had to fight the urge to masturbate or text women.

Eventually, I caved. Nofap is great, yet I needed that release.

What was missing? Why did I need the release?

Those two questions led me to sexual transmutation before I knew what that term meant.

That’s when I first noticed the blockage in my lower abdomen. There’s a doorway between my sexual energy and my upper body. The doorway sits right above the lower abdomen or Root Chakra.

By engaging in too much sex, I never allowed my energy to travel upward through the rest of my body.

I trained my body to fill and release as fast as it could fill.

Sexual Transmutation Is the Key to the Door

sexual transmutation

I love meditating. After becoming aware of the door’s existence, I began envisioning bright colors pushing the door open.

These colors represent the energy flowing up through my chest into my mind.

I suddenly experienced a sense of calmness I hadn’t experienced before. I was no longer in a rush, yet I became more productive.

This is one of the main benefits of sexual transmutation.

My money goals with my projects and work dissipated. How easily I had forgotten that money shouldn’t run my life.

The same realization led me to quit my work and embark on my first journey abroad in 2014.

My sexual addiction landed me in the same place that my drug addiction had taken me five years prior.

It’s funny how all addictions have a way of leading people down the same path of self-destruction.

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Sexual Energy Transmutation at Work

Once I figured out how to harness this power, I went all in with my work. I breathed new life into the online projects that had begun to grow stale, including this site.

This site is my baby and my first online project. It’s grown from a site that got 20 views a day to a site that gets over 1300 a day with under 100 articles.

I recently entered the top 1 million in the Alexa ranks.

I quadrupled the content on my other sites, began doing all the tasks I was too lazy to do before, published my second book, learned a ton, and became more motivated on a daily basis.

One of my main goals this year is to write one article per day for a full year, and I’m already ahead of schedule by 30 articles just 3 months in.

Last month, I wrote 2 articles a day for 27 days straight. One of my sites that had 23 articles now has 103 and counting.

How did I do all of this? Sexual transmutation was a big factor.

My body needed a break from sex and masturbation. My mind needed to unlock the door between my pool of sexual energy and my mental willpower.

How to Transmute Energy with Sexual Energy Meditation

Imagine all the time you spend on your cellphone or engaging in trivial activities that don’t reward you.

What if you took all the words that you write in text messages and put them into a book or your own blog. I bet you’d have a successful online business in under a year just by making that one switch.

You can start by swapping out some of that time on your cellphone for a daily sexual energy meditation.

Here’s what I do:

  • Play relaxing music that evokes deep-seated energy (Aphex Twin – #3)
  • Close your eyes and envision all the energy brewing in your genital region (Is red the first color that enters your mind?)
  • Now picture the doorway in your abdomen between that red energy and the bright yellow light on the other side of the door
  • Open the door and allow the red energy to blast through and mix with the yellow
  • The mixture turns to a lush orange fire that settles into a bright yellow
  • Allow this bright yellow energy to flow up through your chest all the way into the most purple depths of your mind
  • You will feel the energy spread throughout your body all the way to your fingertips. The inside of your skin will tingle as the energy spreads.
  • You’ve just filled your mind and body with sexual energy while squashing your desire for sex and masturbation

How to Go a Step Further

Now that you’ve unlocked the door, it’s easier to open in the future.

I find myself opening the door while I’m working and a sexual urge pops up. All I do is envision the door opening, and the energy shoots upward.

Instantly, I forget about having sex and the desire to masturbate.

Once you have the key to the door, you have the power.

The Benefits of Sexual Transmutation

Here are the benefits I’ve experienced:

  • A major boost in productivity
  • Inner peace (a type of calmness I haven’t experienced before)
  • More love for others and a desire to help people
  • Patience
  • Less anger
  • Less desire for money and more desire for accomplishment
  • More self-discipline
  • More faith in my path
  • Rock-hard and long-lasting morning wood (one of the key indicators of good overall health)
  • Deeper sleep
  • Less need for stimulation to enjoy life (I often find myself taking walks outside or through a park while smiling about just being alive)
  • Less desire to drink (My ability to transmute has also taught me how to transmute the energy behind my unhealthy cravings)
  • A stronger grasp of what matters in life
  • Realizing my goals naturally (e.g. without planning it I completed all the designs to relaunch my clothing line that’s been on ice for a decade since it’s successful launch)
  • My focus is through the roof. When I first started working online, I jumped around too much (shiny new object syndrome) instead of focusing on one thing at a time. My goal of one article per day for a year is a product of sexual transmutation.

Is it worth it?

Here’s what I realized. The two things I fear most in this world are mediocrity and unrealized dreams. Death isn’t remotely as terrifying as a mediocre existence.

Each of my goals leads to a bigger goal.

My sexual addiction consumed my energy, and meeting new women every day is incredibly fun. However, every indulgence has a boiling point.

I needed to get back to work to realize my bigger dreams and avoid sailing through life on cruise control.

Money and sex are great, but there’s a lot more to life than those two things.

Am I quitting sex forever? Heck no! But I am going to complete my goals this year before deciding on my next move. By taking a break from women now and completing my goals, it’ll be that much sweeter to meet them when I return.

I prefer to go all in when I’m meeting women. If I take steps back now, then I’ll have to get those steps back before I can move forward again.

Sexual transmutation gives me the extra energy and motivation I need to keep moving forward at an accelerated pace. It helped me write 4000 words today, and it’s only 2:30 pm. It’s how I get motivated to go to the park to do pull-ups at 3 a.m. after a hard day’s work.

Final Thoughts

Is sexual energy transmutation the real deal? Yes, it’s quite real and quite beneficial to a man’s health.

Once you learn how to transmute your energy through sexual energy meditation, you’ll see how the pieces fit together.

You’ll discover a new facet of your self. Life will be clearer than it was before you started.

Do you have dreams that require a lot of work? I hope you do, and guess what? You need all the energy you can get to turn your dreams into reality.

What you learned:

  • Sexual energy transmutation is the key to unlocking a higher form of energy
  • The benefits of sexual transmutation
  • How to transmute energy through meditation
  • How to open the door without meditation once you have the key

Update: It’s still working very, very well. I’ll keep this post up to date with my results.

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