Best Libido Booster Stack: Turn Into Superman in the Sack

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Good evening fellas, 199 back after a brief one-day hiatus. It had been an epic run of posts every day leading up to that point. Today’s post is a special one. I’m sharing with you my best libido booster formula that will turn you into a man on a mission.

When I take this stack, I’m chasing women not just for hours, but for days, days my friend.

Here’s a testimonial from Pierre below. I helped him set up an herbal libido booster plan of his own:

“Any person that is interested in learning the proper way to use libido boosters needs to learn from this guy. He has the best program on these herbs along with where to get them cheap and how to cycle.”

Since you are here reading this right now, you are most likely battling ED or looking to boost your performance in the bedroom.

Let me tell you this, libido boosters can make any guy’s sex life better.

I’ve had guys try herbal aphrodisiacs who thought they were perfectly fine in the bedroom note an increase in the quality of the pleasure.

The best part about natural libido boosters is they aren’t habit-forming.

If you don’t know my story, I battled ED over four years ago after quitting bud, and it hasn’t come back since.

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In this article, I will:

  • List what’s in my stack
  • How to take it
  • Best Dosages
  • The effects I experience
Also, keep in mind, I’ve experimented with over twenty libido boosters over the past decade and know what works for me.

What’s in the stack?

Several years ago, I wrote an article about horny goat weed that has since become one of the most popular posts on my site.

The problem I experienced with horny goat weed was that it didn’t do much for me on its own.

Then one day while I was in Colombia, I combined the goat weed with eleuthero root (Siberian ginseng).

I’ll never forget that day.

I was a human wrecking ball on a mission to get laid, and I did.

Once I scored a date, my recovery time significantly shortened.

I went round after round.

After the girl left the next day, I was on the hunt for the next girl with unwavering determination.

The synergy between horny goat weed and eleuthero root can’t be understated.

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Every time I’ve stacked that combination since then, it’s given me a similar effect.

How to supercharge the stack

For those of you who want to go a step further, there is an essential mineral that you can add to boost the stack as well as a beverage.

My favorite mineral to take when my goal is to increase the number of rounds in the bedroom is zinc.

Zinc is an essential part of our diet that boosts the quality of our sperm.

I prefer to take zinc away from and before the aphrodisiacs on an empty stomach after I’ve eaten at least one meal.

In my mind, the zinc gives me the extra nutrients I need, then the aphrodisiacs get me in the mood.

What about an extra energy charge?

I call this the triangle approach.

I boost the zinc in my body, boost my libido with the herbs, then boost my energy with a caffeinated beverage.

My beverage of choice is green tea and will always be green tea.

I prefer to swallow the herbs with green tea to make them kick in faster. 

I can’t say for sure if coffee gives the same effect or other caffeinated beverages, but the green tea combination has always treated me well.

The key is to eat at least one meal first.

If I drink green tea with the herbs on an empty stomach before eating anything that day, I can easily become nauseous.

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How to take it

Alright, since the information got spread around a bit, let’s look at exactly how I take it:

  1. Eat a meal in the morning, preferably with lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein – the more nutrients the better
  2. Wait at least an hour after I’ve eaten, then take the zinc with a big glass of water
  3. After another hour or so passes, eat another nutrient-rich meal for lunch
  4. Let another hour go by and take the horny goat weed/eleuthero root at the same time with green tea
  5. Then I avoid food for at least one hour afterward to make sure everything gets absorbed
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Call girl to meet or already have a date lined up
  8. Drink more green tea just before her arrival
  9. Have mythical sex all night and into the morning

Now, let’s look at the dosages I take.

Best Dosages

If this is the first article of mine you’ve read, then you don’t know how much I love encapsulating my own herbal powders.

The advantages of encapsulating your own are big savings in the money department, no fillers, fresher/better quality herbs, vegetarian capsules, and the magic that comes along with making your own anything.

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It’s not 100% necessary to encapsulate the herbs if you can handle the taste of the raw herbs, but I prefer taking them in capsules.

Mixing them into a smoothie or other beverage dilutes the effects and can wipe them out altogether.

I’ve found that the best dosage for almost all herbal aphrodisiacs is three “00” size capsules.

However, I only take two 00 capsules of horny goat weed.

What I do is take two capsules of horny goat weed and three capsules of eleuthero root all at once.

00 capsules hold about 735 mg each.

I obviously can’t guarantee that the same dosages work for everyone, and everyone should consult a physician before experimenting since I’m just a guy with zero medical knowledge.

What effects do I experience?

By this point, you should be aware of most of the effects I feel when taking this stack, but I’ll lump them into one list to make it easier for you:

  • Harder erections
  • Shortened recovery time
  • Heightened aggression
  • Longer hang time
  • Insane libido boost
  • Unquenchable thirst for women
  • An elongated libido boost over 24 hours
  • More energy

Final Thoughts

In my years of experimenting with herbal aphrodisiacs, this is the best libido booster stack I’ve ever tried.

I only use it when I have a good chunk of time to devote to women because I can’t concentrate on anything else.

As I mentioned earlier, exercise caution when trying any herbs.

I repeat I am not a physician. All the information here is my opinion and should not be construed as medical advice.

Having said that, this stack does work wonders for me in the bedroom.

I reversed my ED long ago, but I still love a good libido boost.

The most important part is to have fun with it!

That’s what it’s all about, right?

One last thing, the main problem with buying bottled products is the small dosages.

Companies love to lump a bunch of herbs and vitamins together, then advertise all the benefits each substance offers on one label.

Herbs don’t work that way!

In my experience, they need to be taken alone and in larger dosages than a “proprietary blend” offers.

Cheers and have fun!