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Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Are you ready to learn the perfect cordyceps dosage for ED and athletes? Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve been taking cordyceps for many, many moons now and can tell you without a doubt that it works.

One of the most popular posts on my site tells the story of how cordyceps became a staple in my aphrodisiac toolbox.

After my first trip to the Philippines, I swore that I never would allow myself to become sexually exhausted while abroad again.

When I returned home, I encapsulated a bunch of cordyceps powder and brought it with me to the Dominican Republic.

With the help of Maca and cordyceps, I never once became exhausted in the bedroom.

In fact, I slept with 51 Dominican girls in just 4 months.

The point isn’t to brag but to show you the power of cordyceps and its effect on the male body.

However, before I go too deep, let’s jump right into the point of the article.

Today, I will share with you my cordyceps dosage and how often I take the supplement for a boost.

Then, I’ll offer additional tips.

Feel free to skip around using the table of contents below.

Cordyceps Dosage for ED

Once I quit smoking bud after burning nearly every day for 14 years straight, a wicked case of ED entered my life.

Good thing for me, I was able to reverse it with the help of Filipinas and cordyceps.

My first book tells the story of how the Philippines healed me from the inside out.

It’s a good read for men who are interested in unconventional methods of curing the dreaded erectile dysfunction.

Now that you know I’ve personally used cordyceps to help with my problem, allow me to help you.

I take three “00” capsules of powdered cordyceps each time I take it, which equals 1.5 to 2.25 grams.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • It’s best to take cordyceps every day for a maximum of 2 weeks.
  • After two weeks, only take it 3 to 4 times a week.
  • In my experience, cordyceps has a cumulative effect, meaning the longer you take it the less you need to take it to experience the benefits.
  • It’s best to take it before a nap or several hours before sexual activity.
  • I like to take it on an empty stomach with green tea.

Note: I weigh between 150 – 165 lbs depending on my diet and gym routine. I’ve found that the same dosage always gives me the same results.

Best Cordyceps Dosage for Athletes

I take the same dosage before lifting as I take to breathe extra life into my manhood.

It’s best to take it at least a couple of hours before engaging in strenuous activities for a boost.

Here’s what I’ve noticed in the weight room:

  • Increased power
  • Sharper focus
  • Longer sessions
  • More powerful and efficient breathing
  • Super-human drive
  • Aggression
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Health Benefits of Cordyceps

I’ll share with you how cordyceps has helped me.

During my time battling ED, it helped me get my groove back.

Later, I began taking it for a boost.

Now, I barely take it, and my performance in the bedroom is the best it’s ever been in my life at age 34.

Here are the sexual benefits I’ve experienced through the years:

  • Rock-Hard Erections
  • Consistent Morning Wood
  • No more premature ejaculation
  • More adventurous in the bedroom
  • More aggressive
  • Staying hard without stimulation
  • Shorter refractory period = more rounds
  • Happier women with ear-to-ear smiles
  • More motivation to meet women

As you can see, it’s worked well for me.

Most guys I’ve talked to who have followed my guides have had positive experiences.

The Best Cordyceps Supplement

The best cordyceps supplement to take is the natural mushroom found in nature, but those shrooms are very hard to find.

Cordyceps isn’t the type of fungus you find during a late-night drunken hunt on a farm.

It grows throughout Asia, and it’s most well-known habitat is high up in the plateaus of Tibet.

The good news is that the lab-grown stuff available online does a great job as well.

I prefer to encapsulate my own with a capsule machine and vegetarian capsules.

I’ve gone over this in my previous cordyceps articles that I will link to below.

Here’s a reliable capsule machine and with the vegetarian capsules that I use.


  • Be sure that the capsules and machine are both size 00 (if you use my links, they are both already oo).
  • I don’t recommend buying the capsules unless you get a good brand, but it’s pricier than making your own.
  • Don’t get Now brand or other commercial brands; they most likely won’t give you the full effect.
  • Start with a low dosage and work your way up.

More Pointers

One thing I must point out about cordyceps is that taking a higher dosage won’t give you any extra benefits; at least it didn’t in my case.

The one time I took a lot just to see what would happen, it made me tired.

One of the things I love about cordyceps is the long boost it gives me.

Whenever I take it, I sometimes feel the boost continue into the next day.

My sleep is usually deeper on cordyceps, which explains the increase in energy.

One of the things that my bud addiction screwed up big time was my sleep cycles.

I stopped smoking at age 28, and my quality of sleep still isn’t 100% at age 34.

I’ve smoked a handful of times in Asia over the past few years, but it’s never been as fun as the old days.

Final Thoughts

If you follow what’s laid out here in my article, you should reap all the amazing health benefits of cordyceps.

The perfect addition to this article is my article on the best time to take cordyceps that you can check out by clicking here.

Cheers and best of luck!

If you have any cordyceps stories of your own I’d like to hear them!