Trojan Extended Pleasure vs Promescent Delay Spray

Jul 23, 2022

Whether you are one of the 33% of men suffering from premature ejaculation or you simply want to last longer in bed, there are some great over-the-counter products available nowadays that can help.

One such product is delay spray.

The idea behind delay spray is to temporarily desensitize the most sensitive parts of the penis, granting you more control.

This guide compares Trojan Extended Pleasure vs Promescent Delay Spray to see which works best.

What is Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray?


Created by the popular condom brand Trojan, Extended Pleasure Delay Spray is a product designed to help men last longer during sex and prevent premature ejaculation.

The 7.5% Benzocaine solution works by desensitizing the penis to prevent overstimulation while still allowing for sensations and pleasure.


  • Uses a researched active ingredient (Benzocaine 7.5%) that is generally safe to use
  • Unscented
  • Clear
  • Latex and polyisoprene condom compatible
  • Over-the-counter


  • Might not be strong enough for some users (only 7.5%)
  • There are fewer peer-reviewed studies for Benzocaine than there are for Lidocaine as a treatment against PE

What is Promescent Delay Spray?

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Promescent Delay Spray is a lidocaine-based topical spray used to treat and prevent premature ejaculation.

The studies around Lidocaine show that it’s both effective and safe in reducing PE.

Also, it helps some men last nearly 10X longer.

The spray is applied directly to the penis.

When used as directed, there is little to no chance of transference to your partner.

The effects generally last for about an hour.


  • 10mg of Lidocaine per spray
  • Lasts for up to one hour
  • Does not transfer to partners when used as directed
  • Helps both parties enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience
  • Clear without odor and no sticky residue
  • Washes off easily
  • Compatible with condoms (latex & polyisoprene)
  • Available over-the-counter


  • Costs more than Trojan Extended Pleasure
  • Can cause over-desensitization if you use too much
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Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray vs. Promescent Delay Spray


Though Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray and Promescent Delay Spray are very similar products in terms of usage and intended effect, they each contain a different main active ingredient.

Trojan uses a 7.5% benzocaine solution, whereas Promescent uses Lidocaine delivered through a metered-dose spray bottle, ensuring a consistent 10mg dose.

Studies of Lidocaine have shown it to increase the average duration of sex from roughly 1.24 minutes to 11.21 minutes, which is fantastic news for the many men dealing with PE.

Promescent recommends between 3-10 sprays and doing a solo run prior to intercourse to get an idea of how the product affects you.

In comparison, Trojan only recommends “a small amount,” which may confuse you.

How long do they last?

Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray lasts between 30-60 minutes once the desensitizing effect kicks in.

Comparatively, Promescent Delay Spray lasts up to 60 minutes for most users.

Also, it’s possible to wash off either product to help reduce the duration of the effects.

Will it transfer to your partner?

Both Promescent Delay Spray and Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray do not transfer to your partner when used correctly.

Using the products correctly involves:

  • Using no more than the recommended amount
  • Waiting 5-15 minutes for the spray to completely absorb
  • Ensuring the penis is dry, and there’s no product residue left on the skin

Some partners may be extra sensitive to the ingredients in either spray.

In these situations, using less of the product is an option to reduce unwanted transference.

In most cases, there shouldn’t be any transference between partners when applied at the correct dosage along with waiting until the product fully absorbs.

Note that both products should be fully wiped off before oral sex to ensure there’s no residue or transference to the mouth.

How to Use Delay Sprays


Both sprays have the same directions, although the dosages are slightly different.

Trojan says to apply a small amount to the desired area, while Promescent is more clear by encouraging 3-10 sprays to the desired area.

Aside from that difference, the directions are the same:

  • Apply the spray to the head and shaft of the penis
  • Wait 5-15 minutes or until the product is fully absorbed and the desensitization begins
  • Enjoy!

Afterward, wipe off any residue to stop the temporary desensitization.

Potential Side Effects

On rare occasions, both Benzocaine and Lidocaine may cause itchiness, a burning sensation, and rashes in certain individuals.

Those who are sensitive or allergic to these ingredients should discontinue use immediately.

Some other potential side effects of Benzocaine include:

  • Itching
  • Dry skin
  • Inflammation
  • Burning sensations
  • Allergic reaction

Lidocaine has very few side effects, although in very rare cases, some people may experience:

  • Itching
  • A tingling sensation

To ensure there’s no allergic reaction, apply a small amount to another area, such as the arm or leg, before applying to the genitals.

Even though these sprays don’t require a prescription, it’s important to follow all directions and discontinue use if you suffer from any of the above side effects.

Using the product only as directed can help to prevent side effects.

Additionally, it’s important to never use either product excessively beyond the recommended dosages.

Trojan Extended Pleasure Delay Spray Reviews

There are many Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray reviews available on their website.

However, it’s important to note that many reviews are by users who received free products in exchange for a review.

Reviews can be sorted based on date or from highest to lowest and vice versa.

The average review seems to be either 5-star or 1-star, and the general consensus is that the product works very well for some but not at all for others.

Due to the rating system, it’s not possible to see the ratio of positive to negative reviews on the official website.

A Trojan Extended Pleasure Spray review may help you decide whether the product is right for you or if it might not be what you’re looking for.

Promescent Delay Spray Reviews

You can find nearly 2,500 Promescent Delay Spray reviews on their official website, and the process of sorting through reviews is much easier than on Trojan’s website.

On average, their products have 4.57 stars out of 5.

72.80% of reviews are in the 5-star category, and 17.99% are in the 4-star category.

Only 1.21% of customers gave a 1-star review.

Reviews can be sorted by keywords to help find specific compliments or complaints.

Reviewers often mention the product working well, and they also like how it only takes a few sprays for a good effect.

The few negative reviews usually mention that it did not work as well as they had hoped.


partners bed

The question isn’t, “Does Trojan Extended Pleasure work?” or “Does Promescent Delay Spray cure PE?” but rather, “Which product is right for me?”

Everyone is different, and you want the product that gives you the best bang for your buck when fighting PE.

Premature ejaculation doesn’t have to derail your love life, and these over-the-counter products can help you enjoy the sex you’ve always wanted.

Check out different reviews to see which product seems more useful and consider which product will bring you the most satisfaction.

They are very similar in a lot of ways, but the handful of key differences can have a big impact on your performance.

With Lidocaine edging out Benzocaine in certain studies, it may be worth going for the more proven product first.

Promescent’s use of Lidocaine, along with other specialized ingredients to aid in faster absorption, leads to a more premium product that gets the job done.

Whichever you choose, these delay sprays are designed to help you have sex without worrying about finishing too soon.

Simply spray it on, wait a few minutes, and then enjoy your night without the burden of premature ejaculation!