RexMD Performance Wipes vs. Promescent Delay Wipes

Last Updated Aug 15, 2022

More men than ever are turning to online pharmacies for their sexual health medicine.

From premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction, it’s never been easier to discretely speak with a doctor – from the comfort of your home – and get the treatment you need, but which ones are best?

You might have heard of premature ejaculation wipes, and there are tons of brands out there, but are they all the same?

After all, you want a reliable, long-lasting product that won’t transfer to your partner.

You deserve to have great sex, and premature ejaculation is an easily treatable, minor sexual health problem – if you know how to treat it.

What are Promescent Delay Wipes?


Promescent is an online men’s sexual health company that makes its own brand of delay wipes and sprays, and other sexual health aids.

Promescent wipes are 7% benzocaine, which makes them an average of 75% stronger than most other wipes on the market.

The desensitization is more powerful, more reliable, and effective for longer.

Additionally, Promescent wipes are thoroughly tested and designed to not transfer to your partner.


  • Promescent wipes are easy-to-use – a few swipes and a little bit of time, and you’re well on your way to being better in bed!
  • The 7% benzocaine solution provides more powerful desensitization while still allowing you to feel the pleasure.
  • Discrete and easily accessible
  • Long-lasting, powerful effect
  • No prescription or in-person doctor’s visits needed


  • Some people are allergic to benzocaine, and while it’s rare, it would make delay wipes not suitable.
  • There is a period of waiting between application and performance time, but you can find something to do while you’re waiting – your partner can probably give you some ideas.

What are RexMD Performance Wipes?

At their core, performance wipes are easily accessible wipes that are treated with benzocaine, which is a numbing agent.

You’ve probably had benzocaine used on your gums at the dentist, and the same principle is at work here.

The gentle numbing agent blocks nerve impulses and makes your orgasm occur more slowly.

Men who use a benzocaine wipe report going from a few seconds of sexual stamina to nearly 3 minutes, and the more you use the medication (over time), the stronger the effect.

RexMD performance wipes are individually wrapped wipes that contain a 4% benzocaine solution.

After you’ve waited, the numbing agent will take effect, and you’ll notice an effect similar to wearing a thick condom.

It won’t block all sensations, but it will reduce the amount of nerve activity such that it delays orgasm dramatically. And again, the more you use it, the better the effect.

Few products for sexual wellness have been as thoroughly studied as delay wipes, which is a wonderful thing.


  • RexMD delay wipes are simple to use and ready whenever you are.
  • The medicine in the wipes works within 15 minutes and provides around 30 minutes of desensitization.
  • Benzocaine is safe and scientifically proven to be effective in treating premature ejaculation.
  • Wipes come in a small, discrete package and are as easy to bring along as lube or condoms.


  • Benzocaine doesn’t work for everyone, and some people are allergic.
  • RexMD wipes are only 4% benzocaine, making them less potent or effective than 7% formulations found in Promescent wipes.
  • There is a chance they could transfer to your partner, though this effect is less profound with wipes than it is with creams or sprays.
  • There is a delay before they work – it’s not instantaneous.
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RexMD Performance Wipes vs. Promescent Delay Wipes


While most benzocaine wipes function identically, there are some key differences to look at when comparing brands.

Promescent wipes are patent-pending because of their powerful formulation and are currently being clinically researched – something most other wipe companies cannot boast.

Besides the scientific backing, there are a few critical differences between Promescent and RexMD wipes that you should consider before buying.

How long do they last?

This is one area where the two wipes differ. RexMD claims that their wipe will last 30 minutes, while Promescent states that their will last 30-45 minutes.

This is likely due to the increased benzocaine concentration.

Because of the increased potency of the 7% benzocaine solution in Promescent wipes, you may find you need to apply less to achieve the same level of desensitization you do with ReXMD.

It’s always a good idea to try any desensitization products on yourself first to get used to the effects of the product prior to actual intercourse.

Will they transfer to your partner?

Delay wipes are actually great because as long as you wait at least 10-15 minutes before penetration, they generally do not transfer to your partner.

The key is to wait those 10-15 minutes, both for the numbing to take place and to ensure your skin fully absorbs the active ingredient.

Also, wearing a condom both enhances the delaying effect and ensures no transfer.

How to Use the Wipes

Fortunately, using the wipes is pretty straightforward:

  1. Apply a wipe around the head of your penis. This part can take some trial and error to get the correct amount of application, but a few wipes to get started should do the trick.
  2. Wait – Around fifteen minutes is the gold standard, but it could take twenty. The key here is to find something to do during this time, so maybe see if your partner likes foreplay – as if anyone doesn’t – and start practicing your oral skills. They might not even care that the main event is being pushed back a bit.
  3. Enjoy! – You should have a minimum of 30 minutes of desensitization to work with, and in some cases, longer. The best part is that if you’re still wanting to go again, you can reapply with little concern for side effects. It’s best to wait a full hour before reapplying, as you don’t want to desensitize yourself too much.

Over time, using benzocaine for premature ejaculation will help improve your stamina, and this is for several reasons.

One, the nerves in your penis will adapt on their own, making you less sensitive.

Depending on your reason for premature ejaculation, you may experience it less as you perform better with the wipes.

Many men deal with PE because they have performance anxiety, and doing well and lasting longer can help curb that anxiety.

What are the potential side effects of delay wipes?


Of all the delay products – sprays, creams, wipes, etc. – wipes are some of the easiest and safest to use.

Dentists have used benzocaine for decades, and it’s generally regarded as one of the safest medicines for sexual health, and it actually works, too!

However, there’s always a potential for side effects with almost anything, so it’s worth taking a look at what benzocaine might cause.


For some guys, benzocaine dries their skin out, leading to redness and chafing.

This isn’t an allergy exactly, but it can appear like one.

In these cases, it’s best to discontinue use and try something else, like lidocaine.

Tenderness or Burning

These effects can indicate an allergic response, as can the presence of hives or other rashes (aside from general redness).

Again, stop using the wipes and try something else.

If you’re experiencing tenderness after you’ve used the product for a while – significantly in a single night, for instance – it’s possible you’re experiencing friction burn.

Because of the numbing power of the wipe, you might not recognize that you’re perhaps pushing the envelope on how many times you can reasonably have sex in a single sitting.

If the redness and burning are delayed, it might not be the wipes.


Like with chafing, itching can be a side effect of the delay wipes, and if it’s not bad and there are no other issues, you might be able to deal with it.

Allergic Reaction

While side effects with benzocaine wipes, in general, are rare, an allergic reaction is even more so.

In these cases, the penis might get a bumpy rash or even swell.

If this is the case, call your doctor and discontinue use immediately.



Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual health problem, with over 30% of men reporting it at least once in their lives.

It also affects men of all ages, lifestyles, and orientations – nobody is safe from this common but easily treated condition.

For many men, it’s a temporary, often psychological issue, but regardless of the underlying cause, treatment is simple in the form of topical numbing agents, like delay wipes.

They come in simple, condom-like packages that are ready when you are to provide the delay in ejaculation needed to prolong sex.

Both RexMD and Promescent are makers of quality delay wipes, available online and without a prescription.

Both wipes provide 30 minutes or more of desensitization and are safe to use multiple times to continue having intercourse.

If used as directed, the wipes should not transfer to your partner.

There are few risks associated with using delay wipes for premature ejaculation, and even if they occur, they’re generally mild. These include but are not limited to:

  • Chafing
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Rash
  • Burning
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Allergic reaction

If you experience any of these reactions, you should stop using the wipes immediately and wash your penis thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Delay wipes are discreet, safe, effective, and affordable – you don’t even need a prescription.

You can ship and carry them anywhere.

Start enjoying sex at your own pace, say goodbye to anxiety and embarrassment, and enjoy better confidence and longer-lasting sex.