Are Filipinas Loyal? A 100% Unbiased Answer for Men by Men

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

Why do Filipinas marry foreigners? Are they loyal? In this article, I’ll answer those two important questions and a whole lot more because I know a lot of guys are curious to know what all the Filipina hype is about.

A quick background on me: I’m American, Caucasian, 34 now, and have spent multiple years living in different parts of the Philippines dating Filipinas. I’ve seen and experienced just about every scenario that can go down between a Filipina and a foreigner.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Filipina personality traits, Filipina-foreigner marriage, and what meeting a Filipino family is really like.

I hope you’re ready because this is going to be fun.

Let’s start with one of the more interesting topics of discussion…

Why is the Filipino-American marriage success rate high?

I think a lot of people will have different answers to this question, and most of them are probably right since it’s a fairly open-ended question.

Having spent a lot of time around Filipinas, I feel qualified to offer an accurate answer.

First, you must remember that it’s always exciting to meet a foreigner of the opposite sex, especially when you know more about that person’s culture than he does. This is the case for Filipinas.

Remember, a lot of Filipinas speak perfect English. They know more about the Kardashians, the Post Malones, the Taylor Swifts, and American pop culture than I do or ever will.

For them, meeting an American guy is dreamy. They’ll instantly compare you to a celebrity that they’ve been watching on TV. I’ve been compared to a long list of celebrities, and I’m just an American guy.

For a lot of Filipinas, meeting an American guy is a dream come true, and they’ll do anything to keep him around.

A lot of younger Filipinas marry older American men for stability or a ticket to the United States. When allowed this opportunity, they won’t squander it.

Here’s the biggest reason that no one is talking about…

Divorce doesn’t happen in the Philippines. Filipino law doesn’t allow for divorce inside the country (although, this is supposed to change very soon).

Now, think about divorce in America. It’s easier to get divorced than it is to pull up to a 24-hour McDonald’s and get a Big Mac. I’ve seen people get divorced after one month together in America.

Filipinas don’t understand the concept of divorce because they don’t grow up in a society that exercises it.

Instead, they see their parents split or their fathers have mistresses while their mothers are left to endure greater hardships than most women ever experience in America.

For them, being married to an American is as easy as pie.

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Let’s talk about American men…

When an American man encounters the femininity of a Filipina in person, he takes a time machine way back in time to an era in America when men weren’t controlled by their wives.

Let’s face it, most women in America control their husbands these days.

I’m not programmed like that. For guys like me, who prefer to be the dominant one in a relationship, a Filipina is a perfect match with the feminine qualities men desire.

I know I for one prefer women with feminine characteristics who do things I can’t do. Filipinas fill this gap for Western men, which is one of the biggest reasons the Filipino-American marriage success rate is high in the Philippines.

Filipina Silent Treatment: What does it mean?

I discovered an interest by men online who want to know more about Filipina silent treatment. I’m going to offer my thoughts on the matter because I’ve experienced silent treatment on several occasions.

First, it’s very, very rare for a Filipina who likes or loves you to ignore you. However, it’s not rare for them to go silent when you’re together.

Why does this happen?

The first reason is that Filipinas can be very sensitive. You may say something that you don’t think is harsh and they do.

While this comment may get brushed off by an American woman, a Filipina may take it to heart. This happens to me because I’m sarcastic and like to tease women with my words.

I learned that I had to scale it back with Filipinas because once their feelings get hurt, they go from perky to ice-cold.

Here’s the good news

They may go silent, but it won’t last very long. All you need to do is say something sweet or do something sweet or romantic, and she’ll perk right back up.

Overall, the Filipina silent treatment isn’t something you should be worried about.

If a Filipina is genuinely ignoring you, that means she’s not into you anymore because they stick to the men they like.

This is a fairly common trait among Asian women. For example, Vietnamese girls are a lot like Filipina women in this way, but unlike them in most others.

Are Filipinas loyal?

I really like this question because it has two very distinct answers. Here’s the deal. It matters where they are from in the Philippines.

If you meet a traditional Filipina who’s never been to Manila, Cebu, Angeles, and a handful of other cities, chances are she’ll be the most loyal woman you’ve ever met in your life.

So loyal that she won’t want to leave your side type of loyal.

Women in Manila, Cebu, and especially Angeles are programmed differently. Personally, I love Manila girls because they have just enough sass to tempt me into some wild and aggressive bedroom activity.

They’re also accustomed to seeing foreigners every day and have a lot more options than just you.

I dated one Filipina who I knew was a little player. She had some of the most luscious curves in the city. I didn’t care because I was doing the same thing, but you might care if you expect a girl you meet in Manila to be loyal.

Women living in the major cities are more westernized and more prone to fool around behind your back, especially these days with all the foreigners showing up.

She might view you as Chris Hemsworth, then a dude who she thinks looks like Jason Momoa shows up. Get the point?

Don’t even bother in Angeles

Angeles and Cebu are pay-for-play places, and a lot of the women there are trained to extract money from foreigners. They’re the type of women who will smile to your face then rob you when you’re not looking. You’re just an ATM.

Trust me, it’s happened to me. I’ve even caught a Filipina in the act of trying to rob me while I slept, and I wasn’t even doing pay-for-play. That’s how cutthroat the women of Cebu, Manila, and Angeles can be.

If you want a truly loyal Filipina, you have a better chance of meeting one by going off the beaten path and using this site to meet Filipinas online.

Why do Filipinas marry foreigners?

Here’s a list of reasons why Filipinas marry foreigners:

  • A ticket out of the country
  • They’ve been trained by social media/reality TV to think foreigners are superior.
  • Filipinas speak/understand English and use social media/watch reality TV. In their eyes, you’re similar to what they’ve seen on TV or online.
  • The natural attraction between different races – I know when I step off the plane in the Philippines, I’m instantly horny just by breathing in the air. In America, I’m instantly repulsed by the pretentious voices I hear. It’s a night and day difference.
  • They see money when they see you.
  • Filipino men are notorious cheaters. Almost every Pinay I’ve ever met has a story about how her Filipino boyfriend cheated on her.
  • They want a better life inside their country. A lot of Filipinas get stuck living with their families most of their lives. If you can afford a home in her country for her to move out, that’s a big step up for her. Since Filipino families are big, she’s more than likely living in a cramped environment.

Filipina Manipulation: How to Avoid It

The best way to avoid Filipina manipulation is to play it cool. You can’t let her know that she’s a massive upgrade from what you were dealing with in your home country.

Once you put her on a pedestal, you lose control and dominance. The mind of a Filipina can easily be manipulated by social trends.

Since feminism is trending in America, I’ve noticed that a lot of Filipinas – in Manila especially – are starting to embrace it since they see it all over social media. A monkey-see, monkey-do type of thing.

The best way to avoid this is to follow my advice from earlier and steer clear of the major cities when looking for a Filipina wife or girlfriend.

The most manipulative Filipinas are in Manila or Cebu, and it goes back to them having more foreigner options than ever before.

If you don’t give her what she wants, she can swap you out for the next foreigner in line.

Want to know the best way to meet Filipinas outside of Manila, Cebu, and Angeles? Sign up for this site, and you can start messaging women from all over the islands. This site is a solid second option that fewer foreigners use.

Filipina Temper

Filipinas do have tempers, but it’s not so extreme that it’s more than what you’re used to in America or other Western countries.

A Filipina temper tantrum usually ends with the silent treatment until she has a chance to cool down and pull herself together.

Here’s the most key point to consider: Filipinas can and will get jealous at some point because other Filipinas are bound to check you out.

She needs to be reassured that she’s the only one for you since a lot of guys are there to play.

It also goes back to the Filipino guys cheating on the women. I love all Filipinos, so I’m not talking the guys down because Filipino men are cool and sometimes hilarious.

Just know that Filipinas don’t have worse temper problems than American women. My American girlfriends had stronger tempers than what I experienced with my Filipina girlfriends.

I’ve also lived in Latin America. Dominican girls, for example, can have fiery tempers, but that turns me on.

Meeting a Filipino Family: What’s it like?

Meeting a Filipino family is not bad at all, in my experience. I once met a Davaoena’s entire family after our first date together, which is not the norm for me.

While it did get somewhat awkward, looking back on it, the unique experience was more than worth it. I tell the story of that night in my book.

As I mentioned earlier, Filipino families are big, and everyone in the family will be curious to know more about you.

Mostly all the Filipinos I’ve met over the years are laid-back and fun-loving. I get along well with the elders because they get it. They’re not going to judge you because you have a different skin color.

As long as you treat their daughter well, they’ll show you all the love in the world and welcome you with open arms.

That’s one of the most beautiful aspects of the Philippines and Filipino culture – the people are REAL. I didn’t know real people still existed until I landed in the Philippines the first time.

The Philippines and Filipinas helped me rise from the ashes of a deep depression.

If you’re lucky, they’ll cook some lechon, you’ll share some San Migs, and get some delicious ube desserts all the while laughing your head off.

Remember, they speak English too – no language barrier.

Do Filipinas Make Good Wives?

are filipinas loyal why do they marry foreigners

I think this is the best question to answer to wrap up this article. After all that I’ve already told you, do you think Filipinas make good wives? Heck yeah, they do, but you need to do it the right way.

Most of the guys I’ve met who married Filipinas are happy with their lives. One guy I met, who married a girl in Manila too quickly, ended up having to go through a divorce.

He had to fly back to America to make it a legal divorce. The problem he experienced arose from marrying a Filipina who questioned all of his actions.

He’s ex-military and liked to go out alone to exercise, and she continually accused him of cheating. Once it became too much for him, he needed a divorce.

This goes back to my advice to travel outside of Manila to find a Filipina wife. I’m not saying you have to, but it’s a good idea if you want to meet a more traditional, less westernized Filipina to marry.

In the end, you’ll have a loyal wife and a peaceful life – for the most part. I know that’s all I’ll want when I settle down.

And oh yeah, if you want kids, Filipinas are extremely fertile. Manila is the most densely populated city in the world, and since almost all Filipinas don’t take birth control, there are fewer fertility complications stemming from birth control use.

Final Thoughts

I think this is one of the more thorough inside looks into Filipinas that you’ll find anywhere. 100% of this article came straight from my head and my experience living there dating Filipinas.

Will everyone who’s experienced the Philippines agree with me? No, and they shouldn’t.

Everyone has a different experience to share, but I do know myself, and I’m a great observer.

I can dissect a situation from a mile away, and it’s a big reason I’m still alive to write this article after some of the escapades I’ve been on over the years…