Raising the Bar in Southeast Asia

Last Updated May 6, 2022

What’s up out there readers?  I decided to write a more personal post to let readers know what I’ve been doing with my life.

For the past 5-6 months, I’ve been skipping around Asia having an indescribable time.

My main goal is to scratch items off my bucket list and achieve difficult feats.

There are some feats most men can only dream of achieving with women, and these are/were the ones at the top of my list.

How did I get here?

Well, it all started for me a few years back when I realized big changes were needed in my life.  You can read this post here to get up to speed.

After a while, I realized the gallivanting lifestyle was for me, and I needed to start working online.

While I was in Colombia I worked like mad between chasing girls to learn how to make money online.

Now, I have a reputation and client base to poke at when I need work.

I also started my own online businesses by doing what I learned from my clients – reverse engineering.

Why Asia?

For me, Asia is for men who “suffer” from sexual addiction.  Men who work hard on themselves and make themselves more attractive can have it all here.

I started weightlifting more seriously, eating cleaner, drinking much less and refining my style.

The process is neverending and leads to greatness.

In my opinion, the point of life is finding and optimizing oneself and working tirelessly in the process.

I’m a raw human being without much of a filter; people either love me or hate me.

I used to care what people thought, now I don’t.

Asia gets me away from the American noise that I constantly had to fight against to maintain my sanity.

I abhor listening to most modern-day Americans speak.  Any hint of pretentiousness in a person’s voice causes me great pain.  Are social media and reality TV the main culprits in the voice overhaul?

In Asia, I don’t have to worry about what anyone is saying because I don’t understand a word in most places.

Anything is better than listening to a random American girl rant about the most disposable information I’ve ever heard in my life, all the while I’m trying to eat or in a public setting.

I needed to meet the indigenous women of Asia, not the Westernized versions.  They fortify my soul.

What feats have I accomplished?

Well, it’s been a rather glorious year.  The following are some of the achievements I’ve unlocked:

  • 100 girls in 1 calendar year (I did it in 1 year’s time before but never in the same calendar year)
  • 33 girls in 22 days (Second time I’ve accomplished this feat, and this time I surpassed my first run)
  • Figured out how to avoid frivolous spending to accomplish my goals
  • 20 girls in 9 days (This was bonkers)
  • Transformed my mind and body
  • Refined my body language
  • Enhanced my style
  • Had a threesome where the girls allowed me to dip in and out of them
  • Met 2 more virgins.  I’ve now had 6 virgins lifetime.
  • Improved my performance in the bedroom.  I plan to start reading books on this topic.  Any suggestions?

The list goes on…

My list may make some guys jealous while others are getting pumped to try and do the same.

To me, it’s fun to try and beat another guy’s number(s).

The guy who helped lead me to this lifestyle, I’ve exceeded a lot of his numbers.

However, without his numbers, it wouldn’t have been near as fun trying to accomplish such feats.  I’m sure he could outdo my new numbers, then put the weight back on me.

Case Closed

That’s essentially it with what I’ve got going on right now.

My main focus now is working on my physique and businesses.

I’ve also built a solid harem across multiple countries.

Mastering Tinder hasn’t hurt either.