Truly Thai Dating Review: A Thorough Examination

Last Updated Nov 25, 2021

If there’s one undeniable claim about online dating in Asia, it’s that Thailand is one of the best places to start. Foreigners who want to test the online dating waters of Asia need to have Thai women on their radar. Having just spent another stint in Bangkok, I can say with confidence that online dating in Bangkok is still going strong.

In fact, I had forgotten how sweet and beautiful Thai girls are compared to other places in Asia. In today’s article, I share my thoughts on Is it worth it? With the bevy of Thai dating sites available to foreign men, it’s critical to use your time online wisely.

Let’s start with the basics before moving on to my review…

Is TrulyThai worth it?

When I first land on any dating site, I check for absurd claims or questionable activity. One common theme among scam dating sites is women sending messages before you have a chance to sign up. There’s none of that activity going on with TrulyThai, and the site looks modern rather than built by someone living off the grid who thinks it’s still 1998. We all know ’98 was a great year, but not so great that I want to sign up for a dating site that looks like it was built back then.

The TrulyThai signup process is very straightforward. The homepage includes a box to sign up using your email address and password, easy-peasy to get rolling.

Truly Thai Sign Up Process

After Signing Up

Once you enter your email and password, you’ll enter a few more basic details. Did you notice the photos of the Thai women on the homepage? Over the past five years, I’ve spent a good chunk of time in Thailand and can say that the photos are accurate portrayals of Thai women.

When you sign up, don’t forget to choose your gender because the system won’t allow you to sign up without selecting one. The next step is to enter your name, birthday, and home country.

truly thai enter name

The following step is account verification.

Account Verification

This is one of my favorite features of TrulyThai because it helps to keep out the fakes, bots, and men who are too lazy to verify their accounts. This equals fewer men to compete with when it’s time to start chatting with cute single Thai women.

There are four methods to verify your account:

  1. Facebook
  2. Camera verification
  3. Via SMS
  4. Photo ID

In my opinion, SMS or Facebook are the best methods, with Photo ID obviously being the least desirable. However, after you sign up, you might want to consider adding a photo ID to alleviate any concerns timid Thai women may have about meeting foreigners online.

Truly Thai Account Verification

Browsing & Chatting

After the verification process, it’s time for the fun part. Browsing and chatting on TrulyThai is easy with its modern interface. You also have the option to download the app for both iOS and Android devices. This gives you the chance to chat with Thai Girls on the go and keep conversations rolling around the clock.

Before you start chatting, familiarize yourself with the search filters. The best cities in Thailand to start searching for single Thai girls are Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. Bangkok is always my #1 choice since it’s full of cute single Thai girls who are open to meeting foreigners. Additionally, there are filters for age, last online, body type, religion, and ethnicity.

Truly Thai Search Filters

Keep in mind that once you search outside of Bangkok, the language barrier grows exponentially. Thai is not an easy language to speak, especially for us Americans. Women in Bangkok who are seeking foreign men for relationships usually speak some English. Don’t expect Thai women to speak fluent English, which is something I like. I prefer to listen to them speak Thai.

Built-In Translation

One of the advantages of the TrulyThai dating app is the built-in translation. There’s no need to copy and paste messages to a translation app, which can quickly end a conversation. All you have to do is look at Thai to know it’s nearly impossible for English speakers to read. I like to think that every Thai girl is an artist because writing in Thai is truly an art form.

The screenshot below shows you how TrulyThai automatically translates messages from Thai to English for you. If you decide to look outside of Bangkok – and you should – this feature will come in handy throughout your quest.

Truly Thai Translation

Other Chat Features

There are additional options available while chatting that I like, including the option to show women interest without clicking through to view their profiles. This gives you the opportunity to save time and show all the women you find attractive interest.

They will know when you send them interest, and the TrulyThai dating app lets you know when you score a mutual interest. In my mind, this is the best way to go about it instead of wasting countless hours reading each profile. The better idea is to focus your energy only on the women who like you back.

The second option is to choose women as your favorites. When you favorite a Thai woman, that means you’re really interested in her, and she’ll know it. Also, the app saves your favorites, which makes it easier to focus on the women who interest you the most all in one place.

Profile Photos

Be sure to upload your best dating profile photos to give yourself the best chance of getting responses. Good photos are the key to skyrocketing your response rate on any online dating site or app. The best practice is to test photos and ask for women’s honest opinions. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from their responses.

Another tip is to keep your photos PG since TrulyThai reviews your photos before they post to your profile. Also, online dating in Thailand is a lot different than in America. Thai women don’t need to see you with your shirt off to determine whether they like you. A smile and treating them with more respect than the next guy goes a long way.

Video Chat

Another cool TrulyThai feature I like is the integrated video chat. Once you exchange a few messages and get to know a bit about a Thai girl who interests, there’s the option to video chat inside the app when you’re both online. Just imagine how much fun you can have without ever leaving the app.

Are there enough members?

No online dating app or site is worth using if there aren’t enough single female members. The last thing you want to do is sign into a ghost town or step into a situation with terrible girl-to-guy ratios. The good news is TrulyThai’s modern look and many chat features make it appealing to young single Thai women who are looking for serious relationships with foreigners.

At the time of this writing, there are almost 70,000 women using TrulyThai and just over 100,000 male members. That ratio is certainly better than the 20:1 ratio typically seen in dive bars or stag party hot spots.

Truly Thai Members

My Truly Thai Dating Review

Truly Thai gives you all the tools you need to start chatting with Thai women for free from anywhere in the world. There are clearly more than enough women using the site to make it worth your while. Men using the right approach will quickly find success since the girl-to-guy ratio is quite favorable.

The best method is to test your photos, verify your profile using a method women trust the most and keep your conversations basic. A lot of guys go to Thailand looking for easy sex, and the women are very aware of it. A lot of Thai dating sites are full of pros looking for money from hungry farangs.

When you treat a beautiful Thai woman with respect, you instantly set yourself apart from the guys with no self-respect. Thai women are incredibly gorgeous. You’ll find that they appreciate a man with manners more than in the Western world. However, Bangkok is becoming more westernized by the day, which has already led to some negative Western influence on traditional Thai grace.

As I mentioned earlier, use the TrulyThai search filters to your advantage to search outside of Bangkok as well. If you’re looking for a serious Thai girlfriend or wife, searching outside of Bangkok is the better play. If you’re looking for fun and women who speak some English, Bangkok is the place for you. Of course, most of the female members on TrulyThai are in the Bangkok (BKK) area.

thai girl on phone

Old Pro Tip

What I noticed during my last visit to Bangkok is that a huge number of Thai women just outside of Bangkok are eager to meet foreigners. I stayed in the northern part of the city closer to DMK airport and had a really nice time.

Most foreign men gravitate toward Sukhumvit, which is where all of the pros congregate to dig as far into foreigner pockets as possible before the booze wears off.

A good idea is to sign up for TrulyThai at least a few weeks before you arrive in Thailand to see where your search might lead you. Who knows? You could meet a beautiful Thai girl from Chiang Mai and decide to skip over Bangkok altogether. That’s the beauty of online dating abroad, you never know where your search might lead you.

With the tens of thousands of Thai women on TrulyThai, you have the chance to meet women from all over Thailand. It’s one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world. Once you experience the enchanting nature of Thai women in person, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed.

Wrap Up

Is TrulyThai worth it? Considering the number of single female Thai members and the free signup process, it’s worth putting TrulyThai on your radar. Online dating is huge in Thailand, and the local women know it. In my experience, Thailand is one of the easiest places for foreign men to meet Asian women online and in real life.

The best way to find out if TrulyThai will lead you to your Thai dream girl is to sign up now and start browsing. That’s the most exciting part!


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