Wow…Tinder Is Officially Pimping Out the Hottest Girls!

Sep 23, 2018

Tinder just released its new “Top Picks” feature and has officially become a skin dealer. I can’t see a reason for this feature beyond luring thirsty guys into paying extra.

In this article, I offer my opinion of the new Tinder Top Picks feature and show you how to get a pick for free.

Tinder Gold Bait

Back before my Facebook Tinder account got hit by the deadly Tinder error 40303 ban hammer, I indulged in Tinder Gold.

After my account got banned, I signed up for Tinder Plus with my new account.

tinder picks explained

I saw no reason to upgrade to Gold again since all it does it tell me who’s already liked me.

Now, Tinder just added its new feature that makes me wonder if they’ve officially become skin dealers.

The new feature reminds me of the Bikini section on Filipino Cupid.

Tinder is now officially selling exclusive access to the hottest girls to Tinder Gold subscribers.

What gets me about this type of feature is that the dating site or app implementing it uses its hottest members to profit.

It makes me wonder if Tinder is asking the women featured in the Top Picks section if it’s okay to use their profiles for profit?

I know if I was a hot girl on Tinder, I’d want a cut.

How does Tinder Picks work?

In the swiping section, users can now hit a toggle button at the top of the screen that switches to the Tinder Gold diamond button.

The user can then see the Top Picks.

Each set of picks is replaced with a fresh set of picks every 24 hours.

Tinder Picks Example

This is such an obvious upsell that it’s disturbing.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Tinder so blatantly profit from their platform by using attractive women.

The irony is that Tinder wants men to behave on their app or they get banned, yet they’re willing to put the hottest girls in windows like the red light district in Amsterdam.

It’s another one of those look but don’t touch kind of deals that seem to get rolled out on a daily basis these days.

It’s like the girls who put it all on display then write “no hookups” in their profiles.

Those profiles always give me a quality laugh.

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Is Tinder Picks worth the extra money?

This is a rhetorical question.

Of course, it’s not.

Why would any man in his right mind want to pay to merely like a girl who’s getting liked by hundreds, if not thousands, of guys daily?

Tinder is basically saying, Here, throw your name in a hat and hope for the best.

In my opinion, this feature is 100% pointless and preys on desperate guys who don’t know any better.

Will Picks help you score? No.

Will it get you a date with the hottest girls on Tinder? No.

Will it tease the heck out of you? Yes.

Does it provide eye candy and nothing else? Yes.

Will guys who don’t know any better pay for it? Yes.

This new feature makes me wonder what direction Tinder is heading.

Are they being greedy? Or have profits dropped over the past several months?

I know for one that Tinder isn’t quite as active as it was before, depending on where you live.

The worldwide “no hookups” phenomenon has also taken a heavy toll on the quality of the experience.

Having said that, I’ve still found quality women for short-term relationships over the past year or so on Tinder.

How to Use Tinder Picks for Free

A couple days ago, I became curious and decided to see if I could like any of the Top Picks.

Tinder doesn’t tell you, but you can like at least one of the girls in the Picks section with a Tinder Plus account.

I’m not sure if you can get a free pick with a normal account.

It’s worth a try.

So far, I haven’t matched with the girls I’ve liked in the Picks.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to match with them even with Tinder Gold.

Problems with the Picks

I’m currently living at the beach, and there aren’t as many girls on Tinder as in the city.

What I’ve noticed about the Picks is that they aren’t girls who are living within the maximum distance I set in my Tinder settings.

I’m sure this same problem is happening to guys all over the world.

Is Tinder in panic mode with Facebook Dating being unveiled?

Before Picks, they released the Tinder Feed, which is another useless feature.

The Tinder team seems to want to become a social media app instead of improving the functionality of its wildly popular app.

After all these years, they have yet to make it easier to sort matches, choose favorites, and other worthwhile upgrades.

A lot of features have come and gone like Tinder Moments and that random group feature they had for a while.

I’m sure Tinder Picks won’t stand the test of time either, but they will undoubtedly make some quick bank in the short-term.

In my opinion, Top Picks is their most useless feature yet.

Is it enough for me to switch to Facebook Dating?

While the feature is useless, I’m still not jumping ship to Facebook Dating.

At age 34, I restrict my online dating to a minimum and use Tinder a lot less than I did a few years ago.

I’ve also switched to short-term relationships instead of running through places like the Sizzler buffet in the ’90s.

As of now, Tinder is still the main app I’ll use along with Cupid sites when I have more free time.

I don’t use Facebook outside of for work and don’t plan on using it to date.

Guys have told me that Instagram is a viable option for dating.

That could be an option I take down the road once I have more free time, but most likely not since I try to avoid social media altogether.

Final Thoughts

My advice to guys is to avoid the Tinder Top Picks feature upsell because there is little to no chance that it will convert into a score, let alone a date or chat.

The company is either trying to make a quick buck off the hottest girls before they start pushing back, or they have literally no idea what they’re doing.

Don’t waste your money.

Don’t waste your money.

Don’t waste your money.

‘Nuff said.


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